Lull… before the elves..?

Hello All,

Long time no post… re: Beyounce, I always thought it was Beyonce but I guess when you have it ALL going on then spelling isn’t so important… talking of going on, going on…

You might have noticed the sound of silence, or at least quietness, when it comes to the new reord FotS recently… this is because the finest of fine tuning is going on and the elves are working away behind the scenes to get things ship shape so that when the storm comes theres no sinking anywhere in sight… the elves are very busy at this time of year as you can imagine what with St Nicholas and his ridiculous demands… if the little chaps ever join a union Christmas is going to be a VERY different party…

So bear with the band, and the elves… I can assure you fellow star gazers, this is just the lull before the storm… I say storm, it might be a bit like a squall, a stormy one mind you… stormy elves? sorry for mixing elves and ships and storms… it will all make sense at the final reckoning…

Keep Watching the Stars…

E.P. Robson


One response to “Lull… before the elves..?

  1. ah, Col Robson has this uncanny knack of making me feel reassured… the album’s going be OK, the Colonel says so

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