LA Designers, Bulgarian Scientists and Friends of The Stars…

Here is the front cover of the soon-to-be released album “Lighting and Electrical”.

Ain’t it purdy?

(You can click here to see it in it’s full glory!)

The artwork was designed by long time friend of the band Olivia Mole. Over the years, Olivia has offered support and encouragement to our dysfunctional musical unit and, before leaving the UK, was often to be found at our London shows.

We were really happy when she agreed to handle the artwork for us. She’s a talented lady, and as you’ll see in due course, really good at drawing and colouring in.

That said, she made us all feel really stupid when she emailed us the details of her motives and thoughts in choosing this subject as her inspiration. Frankly, it was way too clever for us.

Anyway, she now lives in sunny Los Angeles, California and based her designs and ideas around the concept of ‘Ball Lightning‘. As part of her research into the subject she befriended (via the interweb) a Bulgarian scientist by the name of Dr Kiril Chukanov.

(I’m not making this up, by the way)

Dr Chukanov has devoted his considerable brain power to designing and building machines that create your actual Ball Lightning under laboratory conditions. Some of his machines also feature in the CD artwork.

Dr Chukanov is also someone who clearly operates on a much higher intellectual level than us:

“The quantum macro-object (ball lightning) possesses unusual electrical features and energy possibilities. Where does this enormous energy come from? The correct answer is: from nowhere”

Mmmm. Yes.


We’d like to thank Dr Chukanov for his assistance and we’ll be sending a copy of the record to Bulgaria just as soon as it comes back from the record making factory…

Naturally, our big, big thanks also go to Olivia. Several copies of the record will also be on the way to California.

The rest of you will just have to steal it from Russian websites buy it.


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